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discrepancies with A. (2021)

Location : CHINESE MAINLAND, Guangzhou
Artist : Leonor Antunes

Created by Portugal artist Leonor Antunes, the work discrepancies with A. (2021)” pays homage to the German Bauhaus artist Anni Albers (1899-1994), a key protagonist and influence in Antunes work. The A. of the title refers to Albers, and discrepancies to Antunes dialogue with, and divergence from, her artistic predecessor. The work’s profile and visual impact is defined by a deft, elegant use of a repeating brass shape suspended along strands up to 16 metres long. Tumbling vertically through three elliptical apertures in a central location at Taikoo Hui Guangzhou, the aesthetic complexity of this work is a natural complement to the sites refined architecture. The incredible scale of the work will allow viewers to engage with the piece from multiple perspectives, both from above and below. Selected for its particular qualities, brass reflects light and the surrounding environment, encouraging a consideration of perception and space.