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At Art Basel Hong Kong, 2015 Swire Properties introduced their series of inspirational talks by some the art-world’s leading experts to stimulate new thinking in art, design and architecture. These talks, which have since become an important part of the show, underpinned the company’s commitment to arts and culture in the community. The star in 2015 was the Oscar-winning actress and cultural icon Susan Sarandon.

Talk 1 : An Artistic Life

Speaker: Susan Sarandon

Oscar-winning actress and Liberatum Cultural Honoree speaks about her career and creativity 

Talk 2 : The Infulence of Technology on Art & Creativity
Moderator: Simon de Pury, Auctioneer, Artist, Photographer, DJ
Speaker: Grimanesa Amoròs, Artist;
Issac Julien, Artist and Filmmaker;
Hans Ulrich Obrist, Director of Exhibitions and International Programmes, The Serpentine Gallery

Talk 3 : The Art of Tech
Moderator: Deborah Kan, Executive Producer, The Wall Street Journal
Speaker: Sebastian Cwilich, President, Cofounder, and COO, Artsy;
Yana Peel, CEO of Intelligence Squared Group

A conversation on art and technology.

Talk 4 : Design in the 21st Century: Do we need a digital detox?
Moderator: Suzy Annetta, Founder, Editor-in-chief, Design Anthology magazine
Speaker: Brad Davis & Janis Provisor, Artists, designers, founders of Fort Street Studio;
Bree Phillips, Representative, Maharam Textiles;
Dr Eric Schuldenfrei, Architect, and co-founder of ESKYIU;
Joyce Wang, Interior Designer, and founder of WANG;
Tania Willis, Illustrator

With increasing access to new software and technologies are designers losing their sense of craft, and the knowledge of how to actually make things?