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We believe art should be present in public spaces for the enjoyment of the community rather than being restricted to museums and concert halls. We support a diverse array of arts and culture initiatives every year, taking advantage of our facilities to support and host performances, exhibitions and artwork commissions. In this way, we offer the public the chance to interact directly with art on an ongoing basis, weaving cultural enrichment into the very fabric of our communities.

We strive to embed arts and culture into our communities by hosting performances, exhibitions and interactive events throughout the year at our various venue spaces. These include lunchtime concerts, dramatic performances, art installations, exhibitions and hands-on workshops. In addition, we provide support to a number of world-class cultural events, including Art Basel Hong Kong and the Beijing Music Festival, as well as local arts organisations, offering members of our community the chance to engage with art in myriad ways.

For more information on the 2019 Arts and Culture programmes, please visit:

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