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Resource and Circularity Policy


1. As a developer, owner and operator of mixed-use properties, Swire Properties Limited (the “Company”) is committed to supporting the transition towards a circular economy1 by reducing and managing waste effectively as well as promoting circularity across our operations – from design and construction to the daily management of our buildings.
2. It is the policy of the Company to:
  (a) maintain waste management standards that meet or exceed applicable legal requirements and integrate industry best practice into our operations and services;
  (b) identify the impact of waste disposal from the Company’s business activities, including the daily operations of our property portfolio as well as construction and demolition works, and set targets to continually improve our resource recycling and waste diversion performance;
  (c) communicate the Company's resource and circularity policy and strategy to our stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, tenants and customers;
  (d) incorporate waste prevention considerations in our procurement process, promote reuse and encourage the use of recycled and upcycled materials;
  (e) engage with our stakeholders to minimise waste and the environmental impact of waste generated wherever practicable, through reduce, replace, reuse, recycling and recovery of waste, and to identify opportunities that promote circularity;
  (f) ensure that relevant information is available for the planning, monitoring and regular review of the Company’s resource recycling and waste diversion objectives and targets;
  (g) disclose to the public the Company’s performance by providing annual updates on our progress in achieving our resource recycling and waste diversion targets.
3. The Company will review this policy from time to time as appropriate, and in any event, once every three years.
1According to Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a circular economy is based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems.

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