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Long Live King Kowloon Tsang Tsou-choi (1921–2007), a local legend better known as the King of Kowloon, was an eccentric artist whose ubiquitous calligraphy won him the affection of the people of Hong Kong, who viewed his work as emblematic of the city in its purest form. In honour of this local icon, in 2011 we presented “Memories of King Kowloon”, an exhibition at ArtisTree in Taikoo Place which featured over 500 items, including Tsang’s original works, his personal belongings as well as crossover projects with international brands. The exhibition, which included over 300 original pieces of Tsang’s work, was the biggest ever display of his collection, covering over 20 years of the artist’s creative output. The exhibition also included over 30 interviews with influential political and cultural figures who each shared their impressions of Tsang and their insights regarding Tsang’s calligraphy. Augmenting the main exhibition were tribute works by international and local artists along with interesting creations by local students.