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The long-term nature of our SD 2030 Strategy means that the relationships we forge with our partners are crucial to the strategy’s success now and in the future. We will continue to strengthen engagement with our suppliers, tenants, customers, residents, government bodies, non-governmental organisations and joint venture partners on sustainable development issues.

For Vendors and Suppliers

We integrate sustainable practices across our entire supply chain by monitoring the ethical conduct of our business partners, the labour standards and human rights of our suppliers, product responsibility and environmental impacts.

We ensure that our contracting processes are fair and transparent, and we use our industry influence to work with our suppliers to reduce social and environmental impacts. Through our Supply Chain Sustainability Committee, we oversee supplier relationships, address sustainability issues and manage risks in our supply chain.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct, which is included in contracts with our suppliers in Hong Kong and Mainland China, compels them to comply with our sustainable development standards or risk termination of the contract.

We lead by example through our own sustainable procurement practices. Additionally, our Property Management System includes features that help monitor green purchasing, with the data collected used to conduct company-wide green procurement performance reviews for future improvements.

We partner with suppliers and vendors who share our commitment to social responsibility, and who place a premium on quality and safety.

To better understand our requirements, this section serves as a useful resource for vendors and suppliers who are interested in working with us.

The information in this section is provided as a general guideline and will be updated from time to time. If there is any discrepancy between the requirements listed and those contained in the tender documents, the requirements in the tender documents shall prevail.