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Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

Creative Transformation defines what we stand for. It is what we deliver. It highlights a creative mindset and long-term approach to business that enables us to seek out new perspectives and unlock potential others do not see. It demands of us original thinking to find innovative solutions to today’s challenges so we can create extraordinary places, dynamic communities and a sustainable future for us all.

Our Values

Our values define us as a company. They form a coherent set of principles that are relevant across our business and underpin everything we do. They are Integrity, Originality, Long-term focus, and Quality.

Taikoo Place


Backed by a reputation for ethical behaviour built up over 50 years, our corporate culture demands uncompromising and consistent adherence to a well understood set of principles and standards that govern how we behave internally and when dealing with external partners. We treat everyone equally and with respect and we are trusted to honour our commitments and deliver on our promises.

The House Collectives


Our way of working is built on a tradition of doing things differently. Open to new ideas, curious to find unique perspectives resulting in innovative, inspiring solutions, our approach is to be persistent, have uncompromising attention to detail, yet maintain flexibility. We reward creativity, we have the courage to challenge convention and we always respect differences of opinion.

Taikoo Place


Our long-term investment horizon comes from a combination of patient shareholders, a mindset borne out of the Swire group heritage and a culture found in the commitment of our people. We recognise that successful projects benefit from meticulous planning, continual enhancement and an enlightened view of the social and environmental impact of our developments over time.

One Taikoo Place


Quality is caring about details, recognising the importance of design and superior professionalism in management. We set the highest targets and always aim to exceed expectations. We customise each product to the unique characteristics of its location and aim to create an inspiring, uplifting experience for each and every tenant, visitor, resident and guest. Best-in-class serves only as the baseline from which to improve.