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We have always taken great care to develop environmentally sound buildings that are built based on an integrated design approach, which incorporates sustainable measures throughout a building’s life cycle, from planning and design to operation and maintenance. Additionally, we are committed to reducing climate impact and optimising resource efficiency throughout our operations. We will pursue this strategic pillar by managing the following focus areas: climate change, energy, waste, water, biodiversity and occupant well-being. We will also continually invest in our buildings and assets and pursue green building certifications for our developments.

At 31st December 2016, 32 of our buildings* had BEAM or BEAM Plus certifications. Twenty of them had a Final Platinum rating. Twelve of our buildings had LEED certifications. Under our SD 2030 Strategy, we are committed to targeting the highest environmental building assessment ratings for all of our projects currently under development by 2020. 

* “Buildings” for this purpose refers to buildings which were built after BEAM was established in 1996 and which are either managed or at least half owned by Swire Properties. Small-scale low-rise buildings in the same development, WHITESANDS for example, are counted as one building and not as individual buildings.