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For as long as Swire Properties has been in business, we have transformed places around the world into vibrant, sustainable communities. We have achieved this by incorporating creativity and innovation that creates value while supporting communities, retaining their character and enhancing people’s lives.

Sustainable development is central to our business philosophy and company culture. To reinforce our commitment to sustainable development, we developed a new SD 2030 vision to be the leading sustainable development performer in our industry globally by 2030. To achieve this vision, we have developed the SD 2030 Strategy to identify and manage the full spectrum of our environmental, social and economic impacts and integrate sustainable development into every facet of our business.

Our SD 2030 Strategy is built on five strategic pillars (five “Ps”): Places, People, Partners, Performance (Environment) and Performance (Economic). It is underpinned by the concepts of innovation and experimentation as well as communication and engagement.


Effective placemaking and long-term placekeeping form the core of our SD 2030 Strategy

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Our employees are our biggest asset, and their contributions are critical to our success.

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We will continue to work closely with our suppliers, tenants, customers, residents and business partners, as well as government bodies and non-governmental organisations, to improve our sustainable development performance.

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Performance (Environment)

We take great care to develop high-quality developments while continually seeking to improve our environmental performance.

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Performance (Economic)

We aim to deliver sustainable economic performance underpinned by good corporate governance and high ethical standards.

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Our commitments to sustainable development incorporate social, economic and environmental risks and benefits into our business decision-making.

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We advocate sustainable development through our participation in and support to related organisations.

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