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Swire Properties Presents Inaugural Concert for Beijing Music Festival’s “Urban Series” at Sanlitun Village

22 Oct 2011

Swire Properties Presents Inaugural Concert for Beijing Music Festival’s “Urban Series” at Sanlitun Village

Swire Properties proudly presented “Experiencing Rhythms Anew”, the inaugural concert for Beijing Music Festival’s “Urban Series”. Held in The Orange at Sanlitun Village, the performance by Ju Percussion Group marked the beginning of a long-term collaboration between Swire Properties and Beijing Music Festival (BMF).

“We see the Urban Series as an exciting concept and are thrilled that Ju Percussion Group shared its passion for music with the audience at Swire’s own Sanlitun Village,” said Mr Guy Bradley, Swire Properties’ Chief Executive Officer – Mainland China. “By introducing contemporary and dynamic performances, we hope the ‘Urban Series’ will attract and build a young and new audience for the renowned Beijing Music Festival, as well as promote arts and culture appreciation within the community.”

A well-known group worldwide, Ju Percussion Group from Taiwan is regarded as a pioneer in developing the percussive arts, and innovatively blends different forms of Asian traditional music and the Chinese gong-drum with Western percussion music.

The group’s vibrant and energetic performance exemplified the spirit of the BMF’s “Urban Series”. Public response to the free concert tickets was overwhelming, and a live broadcast on the giant LED screen in The Piazza of Village South allowed other visitors to enjoy the concert as well. To enhance appreciation of the performance, a “Listen and Experience” pre-concert talk was held, with Ju Percussion Group members introducing their percussion music and instruments to the audience. Members from the audience were invited on stage to experience the upbeat rhythms with the musicians.

“Swire Properties is delighted to have the opportunity to bring exceptional musical experiences to Sanlitun Village,” added Mr Bradley. “With over 30 years of developing and managing large-scale mixed-use properties in Hong Kong and Mainland China, we shall continue to connect local communities to the latest developments in art, shopping, music and culture.”

The partnership between Swire Properties and BMF began with a successful collaboration on “Yundi Li’s Piano Master Class” last year, which was a major feature of the 13th BMF Educational Outreach Programme. The event was held in The Orange, with Li playing his favourite pieces by Chopin and providing expert coaching and music critiques to piano students from various musical institutions. Li also answered questions about his music career and performances during the master class.