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Swire Properties Announces Completion of OPUS HONG KONG

29 Mar 2012

Swire Properties Announces Completion of OPUS HONG KONG

Frank Gehry’s First Residential Building in Asia

Swire Properties is pleased to announce the completion of OPUS HONG KONG, the highly anticipated first residential project in Asia by legendary architect Frank Gehry.

The completion of the building realises the shared vision of Swire Properties and Pritzker Prize winner Frank Gehry to create one of the most significant new works of domestic architecture in Asia.

"We are delighted to be the first to bring Frank Gehry’s groundbreaking architecture to China,” said Martin Cubbon, Chief Executive of Swire Properties. “This site has a special place in Swire group’s history, and we knew that Frank Gehry, with his unorthodox and inventive design concepts, could help us create an outstanding new landmark for the city. OPUS HONG KONG is truly an exceptional architectural achievement, and we feel privileged to have been a part of the process.”

Located at 53 Stubbs Road on The Peak, on a spectacular site that has been in the Swire group for more than 60 years, OPUS HONG KONG is a sculptural 12-storey building comprised of two double-level garden apartments and 10 apartments of some 6,000 sq ft, each unique in design and occupying an entire floor of the building.

“With its remarkable views and lush green hillside, OPUS HONG KONG’s extraordinary location offered us the opportunity to create something unique, something that is unlikely to be replicated anywhere again,” said Frank Gehry. “The building has been designed to enhance and reflect Hong Kong’s distinctive landscape, and is custom-made for the city it overlooks.”

OPUS HONG KONG’s structure is highly unconventional in form, with a spiralling series of graceful curving facades replacing the traditional rigid outlines of a monolithic apartment block. In keeping with the natural beauty of its setting, Gehry took an organic approach to the design of the building, which features finely-tuned glass-enclosed columns twisting around the building like reeds swaying in a breeze.

The building’s helical structure also allows the open-plan apartments to flow around a central core, with the sinuous façade of the building composed almost entirely of glass. As a result, the interiors are light and airy with minimal interruptions to the view. Views of the building itself are equally striking, with its distinctive silhouette standing out against the verdant green landscape of The Peak.

“Working with Swire Properties has been a great experience – they are very well educated to the issue of creative spirit in architecture,” added Frank Gehry. “I sincerely hope the people of Hong Kong will be as excited as we are at this new addition to their extraordinary city.”

“The completion of OPUS HONG KONG continues our vision to bring highly creative and innovative new architecture to the communities in which we operate, and we truly believe OPUS HONG KONG will serve as a new milestone in bespoke residential living for the 21st century,” said Martin Cubbon.