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Swire Properties Welcomes Iconic New Sculpture to TaiKoo Place

28 Nov 2014

Swire Properties Welcomes Iconic New Sculpture to TaiKoo Place

Swire Properties today welcomes the new sculpture 'Horse at Water', created by renowned British sculptor Nic Fiddian-Green to be permanently displayed at the landscaped garden Via Fiori at TaiKoo Place. The sculpture will join Swire Properties’ stunning collection of artworks throughout TaiKoo Place and Cityplaza.

Inspired by the horses of the Han Dynasty, the 16-feet-tall sculpture is about the same height as a double-decker bus and rests on the surface of a water pool, giving a magical illusion of the horse serenely drinking. The distinct cracks on the bronze surface portray a fractured form, emphasising elements of time and history. The sculpture also symbolises good and long-lasting fortune to residents and office workers in the neighbourhood.

“We’ve been talking to Nic for some time about creating something special for TaiKoo Place and he has come up with something which is beautiful and I think natural in the location,” Martin Cubbon, Swire Properties’ Chief Executive, said. “The timing of the arrival of his creation makes it a great early Christmas present for the community around TaiKoo Place, and I’m sure ‘Horse at Water’ will become a talking point for residents, tenants and visitors to the area. Nic’s brilliant new sculpture reflects our long-term commitment to enriching the community by showcasing inspiring artworks at our properties.”

Known for carving giant horse’s head sculptures, Mr Fiddian-Green was commissioned by Swire Properties to create his first-ever sculpture to be installed permanently in Hong Kong. One of his most famous pieces is the bronze sculpture “Still Water” at Marble Arch in London.

“It is a great honour for me to have been commissioned by Swire Properties to build a public monument for Hong Kong,” said the British sculptor. “I first saw images of the Horses of the Han and Tang Dynasties when I was a young student in London. Some thirty years later, inspired by the line, the grace and beauty of these ancient Chinese sculptures, I was invited to create my first interpretation for this site at TaiKoo Place to stand as a permanent reminder of the fragile past, an inspiration in the present, and a hopeful belief in the future for all those who may encounter this horse - the most noble of all animals - on their journey to and from their work.”

TaiKoo Place and Cityplaza hold one of the largest private art collections in Hong Kong. With the inclusion of “Horse at Water”, a total of 380 local and internationally commissioned artworks are on display throughout residential, retail and office premises in the area. Schools or groups are welcome to conduct self-guided tours to learn about the artworks. For more information about these artworks, please visit