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Spreading Care to Frontline Cleaners

During the pandemic, the amount of domestic refuse collected rose by as much as 30%. Thus, the workload for the frontline cleaners surged but they stuck to their position, despite high risk, in all weathers and the selflessness of these unsung heroes had contributed significantly to the community.

In light of that, CCF started teaming up with YWCA in August 2022 and launched "Spreading Care to Frontline Cleaners", an ongoing programme with the aim of showing care, respect and appreciation to 400 frontline cleaners who work for the refuse collection points in Eastern District, by offering them timely support on a regular basis. We have given away 15,000 gift items to 1,200 beneficiaries by far. This ongoing programme has been conveying the support and care of the community to the frontline cleaners and is an encouragement which helps them keep up their good work. The supplies have also been a practical help for the cleaners to combat the virus and stay healthy.