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50th Anniversary Art NFT Collection

Celebrating our 50 years of thriving community-building, enriched by world-class, placemaking arts and culture, we have commissioned a special 50th Anniversary Art NFT Collection highlighting our commemorative theme “Original. Always.” This collection takes our support for cultural programming to futuristic new heights, accents our creative vision, inventiveness throughout our history, and a sustained commitment to a dynamic, flourishing future. 

We have commissioned 10 artists to create the 50th Anniversary Art NFT Collection that articulates their unique styles inspired by the “originality” theme. These works will be available later this year as free art drops. Artists hail from Hong Kong, the Chinese Mainland, Southeast Asia, the United Kingdom and the United States and include: Benzilla, Chris Cheung (h0nh1m), William Furniss, Kongkee, Keiken, Diela Maharanie, Daniel Maltzman, XENON, Natalie Wong and Ziyang Wu.

Portrait of Benzilla



Thai-Chinese multi-disciplinary conceptual and digital artist, designer and street art pioneer, Benzilla is renowned for his multi-disciplinary approach to physical painting, sculpture and graffiti. Inspired by the art of Basquiat and Banksy, video games, skateboarding and urban sub-cultures, Benzilla is carving out a vibrant niche for himself within the art NFT space. Evolving his multi-faceted oeuvre, Benzilla’s work has been showcased in solo exhibitions in Thailand and globally since 2012. His colourful works depict his signature, cartoon-like extra-terrestrial character called ‘LOOOK.’ LOOOK playfully personifies the struggle to make sense of the loneliness of urban life. “A lifeform from somewhere in the Universe, like me, LOOOK is trying to live in this crazy world of chaos, without judgement,” says Benzilla. 

Portrait of Chris Cheung (h0nh1m)

Chris Cheung (h0nh1m)

Hong Kong

Award-winning Hong Kong-based installation audio-visual performance artist Chris Cheung Hon Him – known by his pseudonym ‘h0nh1m’ – has carved out a niche for his artistic expression that blends sound, image and digital technology with its roots in Zen. Cheung’s installation-based art and audio-visual performances have Eastern and Western philosophy at their core, and he reverentially blends traditional ideology and imagined futures to create immersive soundscapes, generative art and data art into his practice. His artwork questions the human condition and captures the traces we leave behind, using technological intervention to explore new mediums and aesthetics to reveal the spaces in between. His new commission is shown at the Hong Kong Palace Museum opening exhibition in 2022.

Portrait of William Furniss

William Furniss

Hong Kong

Hong Kong-based photographer William Furniss, is an environmentalist looking for solutions to our climate problems through the mechanics of city life. Furniss captures fleeting and often ignored concepts through rigorous, multi-faceted processes of photography: “The advent of NFT's has released photography from its two-dimensional cage,” shares Furniss, adding. “I have always been engaged in this battle, particularly with my contact sheet work. NFTs are a great justification to go further than ever before.” Using a combination of analogue cameras, as well as digital, he captures the city’s storied visual icons in unexpected ways, and with his own visual language, challenges how photography is perceived and elevated through the digital art medium.

Portrait of Kongkee


Hong Kong

Multi-disciplinary animation director, indie comics artist and curator Kong Khong-chang, aka Kongkee’s works have widened his appeal as a globally recognised, treasured homegrown Hong Kong arts talent. With his signature comic book characters breeding fond nostalgia for many of his local audience, Kongkee’s oeuvre has expanded, through forays into critically acclaimed cyberpunk animation films, and award-winning artistic collaborations with the likes of Brit-pop band Blur for a thematic comic to accompany an album launch. Institutionally collected, his video art explores a variety of themes, including those of destiny, time and illusion. Kongkee’s animation video installation, ‘Flower In The Mirror,’ was especially commissioned for the launch of Hong Kong M+ museum.

Portrait of Keiken


United Kingdom

Award-winning British female art collective Keiken explores fictional presents and futures within their work, by building online worlds and realms in the Metaverse. Keiken’s collective title is taken from the Japanese word for ‘experience’; with the lived experience being an idea at the core of their practice. Co-founded by Tanya Cruz, Hana Omori and Isabel Ramos in 2015, they are collaboratively building and imagining a Metaverse to simulate new structures and ways of existing and to test-drive possible futures. The Metaverse is a fully immersive virtual space of multiple worlds, which allows Keiken to become the architects and collaborators of the future. Winners of the inaugural Chanel Next Prize, Keiken creates speculative worlds through filmmaking, gaming, installation, Extended Reality (XR), blockchain and performance. Through these varied mediums they explore how societal introjection governs the way we feel, think and perceive.

Portrait of Diela Maharanie

Diela Maharanie


Self-taught Indonesian digital artist Diela Maharanie has spent over 15 years honing her multi-disciplinary practice, from fashion illustration into digital art. Transferring her body of digital works into NFTs in 2021 was a watershed moment, according to Maharanie, who has built a dedicated following of traditional and NFT art collectors as a pioneering female NFT artist. “I used to make ‘Diela Daily Drawings’ unrelated to my client work, on Instagram and my online gallery,” she says. “Then in 2020, I began learning about NFTs and in 2021 I started to mint my 15-year archive of personal artworks.” Maharanie’s illustrative pop-art style features her signature, vivid colour palette and a central female character, concealing layers of meaning within her magical realist compositions. “I use my drawings as a channel to express my thoughts and feelings,” muses Maharanie.

Portrait of Daniel Maltzman

Daniel Maltzman

United States

Working “digitally in reverse,” Los Angeles-based multi-disciplinary artist Daniel Maltzman ideates his artworks using digital tools, before explorative renderings as vivid, over-sized canvases or digital art NFTs. With his work coveted by celebrities and art world connoisseurs alike, Maltzman’s prolific practice has resulted in signature collections which embrace a plethora of subjects, recognisable for his fearless use of colour and form. These range from Pop-Art portraits of Hollywood and art world icons, to Diamond Head female figures, abstract Stick Figures, as well as hyperreal female portraits; effortlessly conveying a spirit of glamour and joie de vivre. “Digital art creation has been my first step into the physical,” says Maltzman, adding: “The amount of ideas that I generate are almost endless; with the digital ability to look at so many colour choices and design attempts before I attack the physical work. I just love creating art. It’s my life.”

Portrait of XENON


Chinese Mainland

Chinese digital artist XENON’s unique, pixelated artworks explore the Metaverse through the classical symbolism apparent in Chinese and foreign art history and culture. His journey into digital art began during the COVID-19 pandemic, where XENON sought to re-appropriate and redefine Chinese symbolism in his work. As an artist, XENON informs his exploration of the Metaverse with virtual reality, augmented reality, cyber-punk, digital art, trend art, and science fiction, counterbalancing these markedly futuristic themes with classical symbolism. Creating meaning through his digital art practice, XENON integrates historical Chinese elements into NFT culture in a new and unique way.

Portrait of Natalie Wong

Natalie Wong

Hong Kong

Multi-disciplinary female digital artist Natalie Wong goes by the pseudonym ‘Papersneaker,’ establishing her reputation as an art-world pioneer with her project “100 Paper Sneakers”, which explored the themes of consumerism and identity in sneaker-culture. Working across a diverse range of mediums including 3D digital animation, textiles, LEDs, recycled plastic and paper, and interactive sound and light – Wong has forged a track record of collaborating with an array of artists and global brands.  She innovatively combines abstraction with subjects drawn from nature and everyday objects, including animals, re-interpreting and using digital animation to make 3D patterns come alive with motion and sound design.

Portrait of Ziyang Wu

Ziyang Wu

Chinese Mainland

Digital artist Wu Ziyang’s visionary, futuristic work explores the realms of 3D animated video, augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI) simulation and interactive video installation. His work hints at the virtual world’s encroaching influence in today’s globalised and digitised societies, as well as the themes of domination and survival in the Web 3.0 era. “Born-digital,” Wu’s artwork fits perfectly into the NFT space, examining how the virtual world, data and algorithms as invisible forces “ubiquitously micro-alienate and reconstruct humans” in our highly globalized and digitized society. Trained at the Florence Academy of Fine Art and the Rhode Island School of Design, Wu’s education as a painter has pivoted to explore the conflict between old and new. He believes the role of an artist is to ask critical questions, using multiple media in the broader context of geography, culture, politics and sociology to re-construct realities in the metaverse and beyond.