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"Chromatic Reflections" by 10 Design

"Chromatic Reflections" by 10 Design

Inspired by Swire Properties’ rich history and the vibrant colours of the 50th Anniversary and Art NFT Collection, international architecture firm 10 Design has designed the Swire Properties VIP Lounge ‘Chromatic Reflections’ for Art Basel Hong Kong 2023.

The design interprets evolution as collection of sequential moments defined by the causative relationship between Reflection, Perspective and Transformation.

The installation captures these moments in a rhythmic field of prismatic totems portraying a history of growth and progress in a celebration of light and colour.

Luminous pillars of coloured glass and mirror project gradient hues of light from red to blue, honouring the Swire Properties’ brand heritage and the creative spirit and influence in art, culture and placemaking.

Lighting design by SPEIRS MAJOR

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