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Viva Vivace! Radio drama competition for secondary schools

09 Sep 2006

Viva Vivace! Radio drama competition for secondary schools

Following the success of last year’s campaign, Swire Organisation for Youth Arts (SOYA) and Radio Television Hong Kong Radio 4 (RTHK Radio 4) today (9 September 2006) announce the launch of 2006-07 Viva Vivace! Radio Drama Competition for Secondary Schools.

The opening ceremony is officiated by Swire Properties Senior Portfolio Manager Norman Chan and Head of RTHK Radio 4 Amy Kwong. Artiste Ursule Wong and Angela Liu, the youngest recipient of Best Actress (Comedy / Farce) of the Hong Kong Drama Awards, are appointed as Radio Drama Ambassadors to help promote the arts of radio drama as well as multi-dimensional learning and creativity.

Under the theme of “Arts & Life”, the campaign aims to provide an interactive learning and creative platform, nurture local creative potential, foster students’ confidence and language skills as well as cultivate art appreciation through a series of workshops and studio rehearsals taught by radio drama professionals.

The Ambassadors, together with theatre veteran and educator Lynn Yau and radio drama professional Choi Ho Leung, present a live radio drama performance at the event today. The radio drama is a short excerpt from last year’s Best Script, created by students of TWGHs Lo Kon Ting Memorial College. The Ambassadors also share their tips on acting and pronunciation skills. Students and teachers from last year’s campaign also join the event to share their experience.

“Viva Vivace! Radio Drama Competition for Secondary Schools is designed to broaden the horizons of secondary students. It provides a unique learning experience that is totally different from the school context. Yet, the topic ties in closely with the syllabus of Liberal Studies,” said Chan. “We hope the teachers and the students will find the workshops valuable and treasure the opportunity to express their talents publicly.”

Amy Kwong is impressed by the potential of radio drama. “Radio drama is an art form which demonstrates the magic of sound. There are strict requirements in the skill of script writing and voice acting. We would like to make the most of this unique platform to encourage students to learn and enjoy the fun of writing and acting. It’s also a good chance for them to share their stories of ‘Arts & Living’ with listeners in Hong Kong.”

In order to stimulate the thought of students towards the theme of “Arts & Living”, the organisers will hold a forum with elites of various cultural sectors. Views and experiences shared in the forum will serve as good reference materials for the participants in the creative process.

Workshop materials and winning entries from last year’s campaign have also been compiled into a training kit in support of Liberal Studies in Hong Kong. The kit will be distributed to secondary schools, youth centres and public libraries in Hong Kong for teachers’ and students’ reference.

About Viva Vivace Radio Drama Competition for Secondary Schools

“Viva Vivace! Radio Drama Competition for Secondary Schools” is co-organised by SOYA and RTHK Radio 4. The campaign this year will include a series of workshops on scriptwriting, pronunciation and broadcasting techniques. Dr Vicki Ooi and Lynn Yau, theatre veterans and educators, are the consultants to the competition. Workshop instructors are Chung Wai-ming, Annie Yiu, Michelle Tsang and Choi Ho Leung, who are professionals from the field.

The competition is open to Form 3 and 4 students. The event will be divided into two phases.

Phase 1 will offer a workshop for up to 60 registered school teams. After submitting their short script, 15 shortlisted schools will be selected for three workshops on writing techniques and a forum, after which they will have to submit a full script for entering Phase 2.

Phase 2 will see a further shortlisting of 5 finalists. The teams will be coached in RTHK studios on broadcasting techniques. The competition fin al will take place before a live audience and panel of adjudicators in RTHK’s Studio 1 in March 2007.

Application Deadline: 15 September 2006.

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