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15th Beijing Music Festival at Sanlitun Village

03 Sep 2012

Swire Properties and Beijing Music Festival Jointly Present The 15th Beijing Music Festival at Sanlitun Village

Swire Properties today announced a new venue partnership with the 15th Beijing Music Festival (BMF).

Organised annually since 1998, the BMF has been recognised as the most prestigious musical event in Beijing. The venue partnership between the BMF, Swire Properties and its development, Sanlitun Village, marks the first time that the BMF will present a large number of its concerts in a creative new venue. Of the 25 concerts that the 15th BMF will offer this October, 12 will be staged at Sanlitun Village, including the concert series for the complete Beethoven Piano Sonatas.

“Swire Properties has long been committed to building vibrant communities that embrace arts and culture, making our developments attractive places to live, work, shop and relax,” said Guy Bradley, Swire Properties Chief Executive Officer – Mainland China. “We are delighted to have the opportunity to strengthen our partnership with the BMF and bring an exceptional musical experience to visitors at Sanlitun Village.”

The collaboration between Swire Properties and the BMF began in 2010, when the BMF staged its YUNDI Li’s Piano Master Class in The Orange, the multi-function space in Sanlitun Village. Following the success of this event, Swire Properties and the BMF jointly designed the “Urban Series” in 2011, with the inaugural concert by the Ju Percussion Group being held in The Orange and broadcast live in The Piazza of Village South. The “Urban Series” concert was well received by the public, laying a solid foundation for this year’s venue partnership.

“We share the same vision with Swire Properties on building and enriching the cultural life in the Beijing communities.” said Long Yu, Artistic Director of the Beijing Music Festival. “By presenting the 12 performances as well as the major community and educational outreach events of this year’s Festival at Sanlitun Village, we hope to contribute to the development of community culture with our 15-year-old brand that was conceived and nurtured right here in Beijing. Only when music and contemporary lifestyle interact can the BMF get close to the heart of Beijing’s cultural life.”

The 15th BMF will kick off on 9 October 2012, with the 12 concerts at Sanlitun Village taking place between 13 and 28 October. Amongst the performances, Swire Properties will be presenting the “Swire Night” – the second of the seven concerts of the complete Beethoven Piano Sonatas by the renowned pianist Rudolf Buchbinder – on 14 October.

The second “Urban Series” concert, “Dialogue among Festival Friends” will be presented on 22 October with famous modern musicians, including Cui Jian, Lo Tayu, Tan Dun and Long Yu, sharing the passion and inspiration of their legendary musical careers. Admission tickets are available free-of-charge to the public through advance registration at the BMF service hotline.