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Swire Properties Presents the 15th Beijing Music Festival’s “Urban Series” at Sanlitun Village

22 Oct 2012

Swire Properties Presents the 15th Beijing Music Festival’s “Urban Series” at Sanlitun Village

Swire Properties tonight proudly presented “Dialogue Among Festival Friends”, the Urban Series concert for the 15th Beijing Music Festival (BMF) at Sanlitun Village. Featuring a spectacular cross-over performance by four renowned musicians – Cui Jian, Lo Tayu, Tan Dun and Long Yu – the concert proved a major highlight of this year’s BMF.

These four influential Chinese artists showcased their work in various genres of contemporary music. From Lo Tayu’s piano recital of his latest works to Cui Jian’s rock 'n' roll performance with his band, the artists captured the imagination of audiences in The Orange of Sanlitun Village. In an ode to these legendary musical talents, the show also featured a cross-over of the artists’ works — under the baton of Long Yu, the China Philharmonic Orchestra Chamber Players performed Cui Jian and Lo Tayu’s pop hits, thrilling over 450 spectators with their exciting blend of classical and pop music.

“We are honoured to bring such an exceptional musical experience to Sanlitun Village,” said Guy Bradley, Swire Properties’ Chief Executive Officer – Mainland China. “With our 40 years of experience developing and managing large-scale mixed-use properties in Hong Kong and Mainland China, Swire Properties believes in the value of community and its connection to the latest developments in art, shopping, music and culture. We are delighted with the success of the Urban Series in attracting a new and younger audience to the BMF, as well as its promotion of a vibrant arts and culture environment in Beijing.”

Urban Series was jointly launched by the BMF and Swire Properties last year. Concert tickets were available free-of-charge to the public through advance registration, and this year’s show received an overwhelmingly positive response from the Beijing community. In addition to the audience inside The Orange, a live broadcast on the outdoor LED screen in The Piazza of Village South allowed other visitors to enjoy the concert.

Riding on the success of the “Urban Series”, Swire Properties and Sanlitun Village established their joint venue partnership with the BMF this year. Of the 26 concerts on offer this October, 13 will be staged at Sanlitun Village, marking the first time that the BMF will present a large number of its concerts in a creative new venue.