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Swire Properties launches “Green Performance Pledge - Chinese Mainland Edition” To Enhance Office Tenants’ Sustainability Performance

10 Nov 2023

Swire Properties launches “Green Performance Pledge - Chinese Mainland Edition” To Enhance Office Tenants’ Sustainability Performance

Fifteen companies record positive and tangible results during the pilot

As Swire Properties prepares to launch its Green Performance Pledge (GPP) in the Chinese Mainland, the Company is delighted to announce that the pilot has been very well-received with 15 tenants having signed up, representing 11% of the occupied lettable floor area.

As part of the Company’s Sustainable Development (SD) 2030 Strategy, the GPP aims to help participants significantly improve their overall SD performance. Building on the basic premise of a green lease, the GPP covers the entire tenancy lifecycle, including fit-out and operations, focusing on reducing energy, water and waste.

The GPP was first introduced in Hong Kong in August 2021, since when, nearly 80 tenants have joined from across the Company’s Hong Kong office portfolio – representing 45% of the occupied lettable floor area.

To celebrate the tenants’ achievements, celebratory events were held at all of the Company’s office developments in the Chinese Mainland, namely HKRI Taikoo Hui in Shanghai, Taikoo Hui in Guangzhou and INDIGO in Beijing. Apart from sharing the pilot’s initial achievements, participating tenants also spoke about best practices and their overall experience.

Don Taylor, Director, Office at Swire Properties, said, “The GPP is a highly-effective and collaborative framework that offers our office tenants unmatched, data-driven, green solutions and technologies that will improve their environmental performance, and more importantly, accelerate behavioural change. We’re excited to introduce our pioneering programme, partnering with our tenants to work towards achieving net-zero by 2050.

We’re confident that this ambitious initiative will complement our premium office space. ESG is now high on corporate agendas and companies are searching for high-quality working environments provided by landlords who can support them in achieving their ESG goals.”


Out of the 15 pilot participants, six tenants were recognised with Silver Awards after earning “green points”. These were awarded based on companies reaching specific performance targets in terms of sustainable operations.

Several office tenants, including HSBC, Jones Lang Lasalle, Canon and Eyugame took part, spanning a wide range of industries – from finance, to property management, manufacturing, e-commerce, internet and retail.

Results for Chinese Mainland pilot:

- Conducted free energy audits for 91% of participating tenants in terms of area;
- Completed waterflow tests for all participating companies who own a wet pantry, and installed water flow restrictors for eight tenants;
- Conducted waste measurement for all participating tenants;
- Completed a preliminary study and LEED indoor certification report, to map out the required steps for tenants to reach the desired level of certification.

GPP At A Glance

Through the GPP participants can access an array of green tools and solutions, and enjoy performance benchmarking, action planning and data sharing.

Understanding the operational aspects of tenants’ premises, the GPP provides free energy audits, water flow restrictors, waste measurement and preliminary studies on LEED certification readiness. For new tenants who are fitting out their premises, or for existing tenants planning a renovation, the GPP includes a set of “SD Fit-out Technical Guidelines” that cover office design tips on procurement of materials from sustainable sources, as well as a validation and recognition system to improve energy and water efficiency, reducing waste and enhancing employee wellbeing.  

Digitalisation of the process will also be a key focus, with smart solutions such as digital water metres as well as data visualisation and analysis on the Tenant Portal. These will help facilitate the energy, water and waste data benchmarking and help tenants to improve their SD performance.

To find out more about Swire Properties’ sustainability efforts and its SD 2030 Strategy, please refer to the latest SD Report.


Appendix: List of GPP Pilot Participating Tenants at HKRI Centre One, Taikoo Hui Tower One and Tower Two, as well as ONE INDIGO (in alphabetical order; mentions endorsed by tenants)

  • Advent Capital
  • Beijing Xingtaitonggang Properties
  • Berkeley Group
  • Canon (China) Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch
  • CITIC Capital
  • Consulate General of Canada in Guangzhou
  • Coupang (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
  • Eyugame
  • H&M
  • HSBC - GZ branch
  • HSBC Data Processing
  • HSBC Software Development
  • Jones Lang Lasalle
  • Swire Properties (China) Investment
  • Swire Properties Shanghai Rep. Office

.GPP Pilot Participating Tenants from Taikoo Hui Tower One and Tower Two.

.GPP Pilot Participating Tenants from HKRI Centre One.

.GPP Pilot Participating Tenants from ONE INDIGO.

.An experience-sharing session was also held at the Annual Celebration to share SD best practices and insights.