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Taikoo Li Chengdu


The architectural design of Taikoo Li Chengdu pays homage to traditional Sichuan architecture with an innovative, modern approach. Six traditional courtyards and buildings within the site have been preserved and revitalised, and the adjacent Daci Temple also contributes to the historical and cultural essence of the complex. This unique aesthetic provides a memorable backdrop to the premium mix of more than 300 retail outlets and eateries, which deliver a vibrant shopping and leisure experience.

At a Glance


Total floor area of approximately 1.31 million sq ft (122,000 sqm)


Approximately 300 shops and restaurants


Directly connected to the Chunxi Road station of the Chengdu Metro

Parking Spaces

Approx. 1,000 parking spaces

Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu, Swire Properties 成都遠洋太古里, 太古地產 成都远洋太古里, 太古地产

Taikoo Li Chengdu features a unique Fast Lane and Slow Lane retail concept, which is rooted in the culture of Chengdu. Shoppers can enjoy shopping for glamorous international fashion labels in the three Fast Lanes linking the East and West Plazas, or they can enjoy a relaxing moment with a cup of coffee or a stroll through lifestyle stores in the Slow Lanes that weave through the complex.

Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu, Swire Properties 成都遠洋太古里, 太古地產 成都远洋太古里, 太古地产

Designer – Oval Partnership

The unique design and aesthetic of Taikoo-Li Chengdu is the work of the Oval Partnership, a leading global team of architects, urbanists and designers. The Oval Partnership approached the Daci Temple Project as a unique challenge due to the site’s uniquely integrated modern and traditional elements. The design concept that resulted has created a sustainable and creative retail and community complex filled with people and energy in its lanes, streets, teahouses, shops and gardens.