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“SEWomen” Reusable Mask + Holder

Since the start of 2020, wearing a face mask has become an essential part of daily life for everyone. Embracing this fact, the Swire Properties Community Caring Fund partnered with seven Hong Kong-based social welfare organisations in creating the “Reusable Mask + Holder” initiative, which reduces waste by offering people a sustainable choice: using reusable masks for non-high-risk locations. 

SEWomen, a social initiative newly founded in 2020, gathered more than 99 sewing talents who sewed approximately 30,000 reusable masks that were sold online and given away to people in need. The programme also provided the sewers with opportunities to earn income from the masks they produced. After the success of this initiative, SEWomen will continue to empower more local women by offering job opportunities and showcasing their expertise and talents, in partnership with our long-term NGO partner, the Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association.

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