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Swire Properties Dialogue Series

We at Swire Properties are excited to present the Dialogue Series at Art Basel Hong Kong as part of our mission to build meaningful connections between communities. This series of live talks provides a unique platform for culture-makers, artists, and curators to explore how digital art is shaping our future; how contemporary art can be used as a tool for reinterpreting history; and the relationship between art and architecture. We hope these conversations will inspire new ideas that bring people together in an engaging way!

Talk 1 : Is the Future of Art Phygital?
Moderator: Sunny Cheung, M+ Curator of Design and Architecture

Chris Cheung, Artist
William Furniss, Photographic artist
Natalie Wong, Artist
Ziyang Wu, Digital artist

Wednesday March 22,2023

As art moves into the Metaverse, artists are exploring different ways to democratise their art. In this collaborative space, the possibilities to create new, multi-dimensional works appear limitless. In this panel discussion, we invite four out of the ten artists who created unique works for the Swire Properties 50th Anniversary Art NFT Collection to explore how digital art shift from appealing to Web3 natives to reaching the broader community? And perhaps most pressingly, how can digital art effect beneficial change beyond the domain of the screen – or is the future of the art viewing experience phygical?  

Talk 2 : Alexie Glass-Kantor In Conversation with Awol Erizku


Awol Erizku, Artist
Alexie Glass-Kantor, Curator of Encounters, Art Basel Hong Kong

Wednesday March 22,2023

Awol Erizku is a Los Angeles-based conceptual artist who is distinguished for his unique visual language and distinctive iconography while drawing from references spanning urban culture to the art historical canon. Alexie Glass-Kantor, curator of the Encounters, Art Basel Hong Kong, will discuss with Erizku about the premiere of Gravity, his monumental installation and the first Encounter to be presented offsite at Pacific Place. 

Talk 3 : The Interplay between Art and Architecture
Moderator: Edwin Heathcote, Design and Architecture Critic, Financial Times

Polo Bourieau, Artist
Michael Grimshaw, Principal, 10 Design
Lindy Lee, Artist

Thursday March 23,2023

The interrelationship between art and architecture has fascinated designers and artists for centuries. How does the process of creation differ across the disciplines, what are the common aspects of practice and how can artists and architects collaborate together?

Talk 4 : Hong Kong's Post-pandemic Resurgence as Asia's Art Hub
Moderator: Tracy Zhang, Publisher, FT Chinese

Luyang Jiang, President & Chief Strategy Officer, The Baer Faxt
Jerry Mao, Entrepreneur and Art Collector
Wendy Xu, General Manager, Asia, White Cube Hong Kong

Thursday March 23,2023

Hong Kong is kicking into high gears to reclaim its status as Asia's art and cultural center, as it reopens and welcomes back international and art professionals including Chinese artists, curators and collectors. How has the pandemic affected Hong Kong’s position as the region’s cultural hub? What implications do the global and regional eco-political uncertainties have on the Asia art market? In the face of rising competition from regional counterparts like Seoul and Singapore, how can Hong Kong leverage its unique advantages and enhance innovation?