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Project After 6

To provide a positive working environment and contribute to building a happy and productive office community, in 2014 we launched PROJECT AFTER 6, a tenant engagement programme for employees of office tenants in Taikoo Place which was later open to all office executives in town. The programme aims to strengthen connections between members of the office community by bringing art, music and entertainment into their work environments through various projects. In addition, PROJECT AFTER 6 offers a catalyst for artistically inclined people in the community to uncover and unleash their talents.

Since its launch, projects organised by PROJECT AFTER 6 have included “Double Bill”, an a cappella performance; the 2 on 2 Basketball Challenge; a series of music performance including “The Buskers” and “The Pitch” and “Cube Culture”, an original English musical.

Some of the talented office professionals discovered at these events were later featured at our other events such as the White Christmas Street Fair.