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Art Basel Hong Kong

Swire Properties has been sponsoring Art Basel Hong Kong since the show’s 2013 inaugural event. This iconic contemporary global art show is an important complement to the annual Hong Kong Art Month, when we bring internationally-inspired art and performance and original events to the public across the city; building on Swire Properties’ belief that art should be for everyone. The Art Basel programmes included the annual Swire Properties Dialogue Series, stimulating new ideas about art, architecture and design, with the world’s most distinguished influencers and leading artists.
Swire Properties VIP Lounge in Art Basel 2015

“Ephemera” by ESKYIU
Swire Properties VIP Lounge

"Ephemera", designed by ESKYIU, ‘played’ with the movement and activity of the spectator. It was a dynamic, yet expansive installation that provided multiple ways of inhabiting the space, as the work oscillated between clarity and complexity as the spectator moved in, around, and through the piece. It echoed Swire Properties’ belief in enhancing communities of lasting value with creativity and innovation.

Art Basel 2015 Dialogue Series

Swire Properties Dialogue Series
Swire Properties VIP Lounge

At Art Basel Hong Kong, 2015 Swire Properties introduced their series of inspirational talks by some the art-world’s leading experts to stimulate new thinking in art, design and architecture. These talks, which have since become an important part of the show, underpinned the company’s commitment to arts and culture in the community. The star in 2015 was the Oscar-winning actress and cultural icon Susan Sarandon.

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