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Art Basel Hong Kong

Arts Month 2022: Celebrates art for everyone

Swire Properties Arts Month 2022 will open the year-long celebrations of our 50th Anniversary with its theme, "ORIGINAL. ALWAYS."As well as being our 10th year of partnering with the iconic Art Basel Hong Kong show, we will bring original, internationally-inspired art and cultural events to the public across Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland; continuing to ensure that art and culture is for everyone.

Art Basel Hong Kong 2022

2022 will mark the 10th year that Swire Properties has been supporting Art Basel Hong Kong. Our partnership with Art Basel is founded on a shared desire to encourage and support a thriving art and cultural dialogue within the community; helping to inspire an increasingly dynamic Hong Kong art scene and the city to become a leading international cultural hub.

Swire Properties' VIP Lounge at Art Basel 2022 - “PROPAGATION” by ESKYIU


Architectural studio ESKYIU has created the Swire Properties VIP Lounge “PROPAGATION” at Art Basel Hong Kong to become an original social domain for the show. Alison Crowther’s hand-carved, English Oak ‘Kissing Bench’ anchors an array of digitally-detailed timber profiles into a single, undulating 21-metre expression. This elongated, lyrical, rhythmic gesture ensures the lounge becomes an enticing, connective landscape, inviting visitors to explore its thresholds and rest as they are introduced to the "Original. Always." campaign celebrating Swire Properties' 50th Anniversary and enjoy a tribute to the power of art to enrich our lives.

Art Basel Conversations: Leonor Antunes in Conversation with Tim Marlow

Art Basel Conversations: Leonor Antunes in Conversation with Tim Marlow

Swire Properties collaborated with Antunes in 2021 when we commissioned her installation “discrepancies with A. (2021)” for Taikoo Hui Guangzhou in China. Her quiet investigation of the function of everyday objects, and their potential to become sculptures which transform the viewer's engagement with a place, is just one part of her practice which resonated with us. Tune in to hear her speak on her practice and reflect with Tim Marlow on the relationship between art, architecture and public space.

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