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Biodiversity Policy

1. As a developer, owner and operator of mixed-use properties, Swire Properties Limited (the “Company”) will pay due regard to biodiversity considerations in its operations.
2. It is the policy of the Company to:
  (a) encourage new projects in which the Company has a controlling interest to undertake biodiversity assessments where relevant to the site;
  (b) minimise the adverse impact of its operations on biodiversity and ecosystems, including by promoting the sustainable use of natural resources important to biological diversity;
  (c) support appropriate biodiversity and conservation initiatives;
  (d) promote awareness of biodiversity and conservation issues among our employees, customers, suppliers and others with whom we do business; and
  (e) promote the restoration of ecosystems, where important to the areas in which our businesses operate.
3. The Company will review this Biodiversity Policy from time to time as appropriate, and in any event, once every three years.

Sustainable Development Reports