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1. As a developer, owner and operator of mixed-use properties, Swire Properties Limited (the “Company”) is committed to operating in an environmentally, socially, and economically responsible manner.

2. It is the policy of the Company to:

  1. work with others to promote sustainable development in the property industry;

  2. be a good steward of the natural resources and biodiversity under the Company’s influence and ensure that all potential adverse impacts the company’s operations might have on the environment are identified and appropriately managed;

  3. operate as far as is reasonably practicable in a manner which safeguards the health and safety of all Company stakeholders;

  4. strive to be an employer of choice by providing an environment in which all employees are treated fairly and with respect and can realise their full potential;

  5. favour suppliers and contractors who promote sustainable development and encourage them to implement similar policies;

  6. encourage customers to use the Company’s products and services responsibly;

  7. promote good relationships with the communities of which we are a part, and enhance their capabilities while respecting their culture and heritage;

  8. empower employees to be proactive on sustainable development matters both at work and in the community; and

  9. engage stakeholders regularly to understand their views and concerns.

3. The Company will review this Sustainable Development Policy from time to time as appropriate, and in any event, once every three years.

Sustainable Development Reports