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Diversity and Inclusion Policy

We believe in equal opportunities for all employees and recognise that our businesses benefit from the diversity of our people.

We believe that people should be recruited and promoted based on merit and that we should work to eliminate bias in all its forms. We aim to develop the skills of all employees because it benefits the individual and because it makes good business sense.

We respect, value and celebrate the unique attributes, characteristics and perspectives that make each person who they are. We are committed to creating and encouraging an inclusive and supportive working environment for all our people regardless of their age, gender or gender reassignment, sex or sexual orientation, marital or family status, disability, race including ethnic origin or nationality, religious or political beliefs. We believe in the value of creating an accepting environment where people are comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work where they can realize their full potential.

This is in keeping with the Swire Values that we stand for and what makes our culture unique. We will incorporate the principles of diversity and inclusion in employment related policies and hold all employees accountable to creating an inclusive environment.

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