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(This policy should be read in conjunction with the Swire Pacific Health and Safety Policy)

1. As a developer, owner and operator of mixed-use properties, Swire Properties Limited (the “Company”) is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all employees, customers, contractors and members of our community. It is our goal to achieve zero harm through demonstrating solid leadership and effective management of occupational health & safety in the design, planning and conduct of all business activities.
2. It is the policy of the Company to:
  (a) provide adequate and appropriate resources to implement this policy;
  (b) educate and train employees regarding their responsibilities and duties; all managers have a responsibility to ensure that employees and associates are competent and aware of the applicable health and safety best practices;
  (c) meet or exceed all applicable laws and regulations;
  (d) implement measures to monitor performance and to achieve significant and continuous improvement. Comments from employees are considered an important part of the review process; and
  (e) ensure that performance is well communicated to all interested stakeholders.
3. The Company will review this Health & Safety Policy from time to time as appropriate, and in any event, once every three years.

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